A downloadable game for Windows

Note: Currently playable only with a gamepad (created with Xbox360 controller in mind) 

Sail around, destroy some forts, destroy some friends. Change that dinghy into a true ship and rule the sea! Try out a few game modes and play up to 4 players locally!

Left-Stick = rotate left and right
Right-Stick = rotate cannons forward and back (once achieved)
Left & Right Triggers = Fire cannons on left and right side respectively (once achieved)
Y-button = Increase Speed by 1 (max speed varies on boat size)
X-button = Decrease Speed by 1 (max speed varies on boat size)
A-button = back out when beached on land (also accept in menus)
B-button = Back button for menus
D-Pad Up & Down = Zoom in and out

Game is still in development and currently lacks music, some animations, and possible balance issues.  Bugs may be found. Currently 3 GameModes with more planned for future.

Created by: Daniel Domingo
Assets by: Kenney Assets

Install instructions

Once downloaded, unzip folder and run the "Tiny War Boats.exe".

Best played in 1920x1080.


Tiny War Boats_0.0.1.zip 15 MB

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